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Cowboy came to me in February 2007 from Montana, hence his name. After almost a day and half of travel (heavy snows between his birth home and the Denver airport) he was ready to hit the ground running. He has been a constant source of amusement and fun as he greets everyone coming to my office. Starting at 10 pounds he now weighs 72 pounds and easily runs five miles with Stan, my husband. As a teenager, he sometimes loses focus on the task at hand allowing some buyers to escape without signing a contract but on balance he has proven to be an asset to my real estate business. He accompanies me to the office every day. When activities tire him out he retreats to his crate in my office from which he can observe all the action and participate or not as he chooses. Sometimes the office is littered with his toys and play things. He does have favorites in the office Every day he lives up to his name. He can go from full sleep to full play in an instance. He is fearless in his explorations of the world and with tail wagging merrily is constantly finding new adventures.

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