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Homeowners, if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, who you choose to list your property with can have a huge impact on your financial future, especially in today’s challenging market. Meet Earle Whitmore. She is a veteran real estate professional who has successfully navigated many different market cycles, both up and down. That’s expertise you can rely on and experience that can help you maximize your return on investment when your home sells and your transaction closes successfully.

Then there’s the Earle Factor: It’s the tangible and intangible extras that Earle brings to each real estate transaction that make all the difference. Below is a brief synopsis of when and how Earle Factor plays into your important transaction. Click here for the full story.

When a contract is presented on her seller’s listing. Earle calls and discusses the buyer’s qualifications with the buyer’s lender. This allows her to better assess the qualifications of the buyer and advise you.

Dotting the “I’s” and Crossing the “T’s”. On every contract on her listings, Earle actually (and thoroughly) reads the contract. That’s thoroughness that not every agent provides.

Occasionally Earle contacts an attorney for interpretation on a contract clause. All this is done before Earle presents the offer to her seller.

When the contract is ratified there are no administrative “loop holes” remaining.

All contract “time clocks” are monitored until removed. It is very labor intensive and time consuming, but that’s the only way Earle and her team know how to work.

Earle creates the most thorough and detailed property brochures.

Earle makes sure to follow up after the settlement to ensure her sellers get their proceeds and that they are accurate.

The Earle Factor means property marketing on a higher level. No agent puts in as much attention to the marketing of his or her listings as Earle invests.

The Earle Factor is all about communication and constant contact.

You can say the Earle Factor is the Human Factor. You won’t get lost in voice mail when you call Earle. A live person will answer your questions and resolve your issues, quickly and accurately.

The Earle Factor means responsive and timely. Earle responds to her clients and events in a very timely fashion.

All Earle’s marketing is in full color and the highest quality. The Earle Factor is not about scrimping and chintzy advertising. It’s topnotch all the way.

Every one of Earle’s listings has its own web site with an individual URL/web address!

The Earle Whitmore team leads the way and embraces all technological advances such as text messaging, visual tours, home videos and individual home URL’s, etc.

The Earle Factor makes Earle a pleasure to work with....

The Earle Factor is all about a fierce focus on professionalism, accuracy, follow up and a commitment to always go the extra mile to provide the most accurate information and the most timely and responsive service. It’s Earle being a true craftsman who cares about her work and her reputation.

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